Hare's fur pot that went to China

mel's rack system in his studio. all it is are 2x4's in a frame...boards fit across the railings.


hare's fur temmoku potmel's raku, pure white glaze with heavy local reductioni use dippers for all my glazing. this is a gauge for making plates. the plates rim touches the tip of the paint brush. width and height in one step. note slices in the places the gauge in the right spot for different plates..

this is a black shino teapot


simple hand made tools for throwing potsmostly bamboo tools. i use a one inch belt sander to shape them. the metal trimmers are banding metal or hack saw blades


mel's studio pictures///note the big wheel head that i use for decoration. my wax pot sits next to it, or slips. the pug mill almost feeds clay to the wedging board.

i use a spring loaded wire on my wedging board. it never breaks.